Rose Berlin // Vocals Words Light Arts Cookery Shoes and things to do in Budapest
Dean Garcia // Production Engineering
Bass Drums Guitars Keys Programming and trips to Laws

Contributors Collaborators Cool People we Love
J P Wombbaby // Art Drums and Guiding Light
Jarek Leskiewicz
// Guitars Drones and Microscopic Hearing
Perry Pelonero // Space Guitars and Alternative thinking consultant
Joey Levenson // Art Pedal Noise Guitar and Language Guru
Debbie Smith // Uber Guitar
Monti // Drums and Non Fitness Consultant
H K G // Live Guitar and The Eyes of a Hawk
Preston Maddox // Vocals and Noise Consultant
Brent Martino // Mega Guitars
Ed Shearmur // Keyboards and LA Strings
Alan Moulder // Explicit Sound and Hue Lights
Chris Rigg // Travelling Man In The Know
Masa at Quince // Japanese Record Label
Wyatt Parkins // SMR Records USA and Persistance
Phill Savidge // Philosophical Consultant
Kle Savidge // Musical Sup Guru
Mark Wallbridge // Extreme Noise Dept
Billy Sprinkles // Sexuality Consultant

Poppy Saint James // Food and Attitude Consultant
Caspar Saint James // Film and Wiggle Dept
Meghan Young // Film and Inspiration
Anne Baker // Art Bonfires and Darkness
Julian Baker // Art and Cuntisum
Freddie Lomaz // Remixer and Youth Consultant
Russell Keeble // Drums and Tennis Coach
Hen Lomaz // Fabulous Dept
Ian Martin // Noisey Guitars and The Art Of Swearing
Slade Templeton // Remixes and Robots
Jake Martin // Youth Consultant
Ella Martin // Poetry and Correctness Dept
The Knox Family // Vibe n Beauty Consultants
Joseph Keevil // Discipline
Gavin Mata Hari // Cleverness and Moomin Guru
Peter Strickland // Film expert and Kitchen Sounds
Jude Rawlins // Cleverness and Absteance
Mitt // Gob Iron and Cornish Pasty Consultant
Jo Neale // Dusty Soulful Vocal Tones
Barry Wiggles // Cat things and Chill Zone Monitor
Zac // Enjoyment Recreations and Violence
Laura and Em // Entertainments of The Highest Order
Robin Allport // Support Cheer and a Gaggle Of Beer
Gary Crowley // Still There and Loving It
Chris McCormack // Black Death Guitar
Baxter // Inspiration and Cleverness
Merlin Rhys Jones // Guitars Black Holes and Anything Else You Care To Mention
Jo Murray // Awesome PR with Great Teeth
John Howarrd Fletcher // Scrabble Master and Life Saver
Jeff Beck // Legend Duties

All songs Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia
All songs recorded at ELaB Studios London UK
All songs are written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia (unless stated otherwise)
All recorded rights are reserved and owned by SPC ECO Registered with PRS and PPL UK
ALL songs Published by B O F C Music Corp

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Dean likes Buckets of KFC and Ingmar Bergman films
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